Locked out of Kerio Administration

This is a support problem I hear fairly often: a Kerio demo was setup with a fake domain and then later the real domain is added and set as the primary. The administrator logs out, but when he tries to login again the next day, he can't. Panic! He's certain he knows the password, but it keeps refusing to let him login!

Actually this is almost always simple. The password is correct; it's the user name that is wrong because it needs the domain. If your fake domain was called "localhost", that's where the default admin user was created. You can login as "admin@localhost" (or whatever name you used).

You can also stop the mail server and manually edit the "users.cfg" file. You'll be looking for the section that looks something like this:

    <variable name="Name">Admin</variable>
    <variable name="Domain">localhost</variable>
    <variable name="Account_enabled">1</variable>
    <variable name="Guid">4234551A-E3FF-4573-8B1B-E1646BEFFFD7</variable>
    <variable name="Auth_type">0</variable>
    <variable name="Password">D3S:22f2cd1e9dbf80f0bc09c221169bdba92d4ab7445c3daeca</variable>    <variable name="PIN"></variable>
    <variable name="Rights">3</variable>
    <variable name="ForwardMode">0</variable>
    <variable name="HomeServer"></variable>
    <variable name="MailboxLocation"></variable>
    <variable name="Qstorage">0</variable>
    <variable name="Qmessage">0</variable>
    <variable name="MaxOutgoingMessageSize">0</variable>
    <variable name="DefSpamFilter">1</variable>
    <variable name="PreferredAddress"></variable>
    <variable name="ReplyToAddress"></variable>
    <variable name="Fullname">Administrator</variable>
    <variable name="Description"></variable>
    <variable name="KrbUserPrincipalName"></variable>

See that "<variable name="Domain">localhost</variable>" ? You'd want to change that to whatever your primary domain is. If you have other users here that you want to transfer, you want to change those also.

As of Kerio Connect 7.0, you could have just renamed "localhost" to what you want it to be.

As long as you are in here, you could also reset the password if you have forgotten it. You'd change




That "NUL" lets you use plain text. You should then change it through the admin to restore it as encrypted.

Note: if you are using Unix/Linux "vi", you have to be aware that this is a "dos" file. Your session should recognize that, but if you are creating sections to read into the file, you need to ":set ff=dos" to set NL/CR correctly.

Restart the server after your changes and you are set to go.

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Fri Oct 7 10:09:59 2011: 9933   anonymous


its not working

Fri Oct 7 13:20:08 2011: 9937   TonyLawrence


Then you don't know your password.

Fri Jan 24 09:30:36 2014: 12406   sash


hero. thats what you are for me now :)
could't find anything in the manual that points this out, so nothing helped...
thx a lot

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