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How to share folders and calendars with the Kerio Outlook Connector


Are you sharing things in Outlook? Mail folders or calendars, perhaps?

If you are, you need to be aware that there's a right way and a wrong way to do this in the Kerio Outlook Connector. It's all documented in the PDF User's Guide, but nobody ever reads that. It's also documented in the manuals for older versions, but the procedure has changed a little since then.

Of course if you are accustomed to using Outlook with Exchange somewhere else, you already know how to do this, right? No, you don't. Yes, I know what Microsoft says about opening another person's Exchange Calendar. That's wrong, too - or, more accurately, it's wrong if you are using Kerio's Outlook Connector.

Here's the problem: Microsoft does not provide vendors the necessary tools/information to use all of the Outloook interface. Therefore Kerio had to create their own way to map and share.

Here's where the problem gets worse: if you do things the Microsoft way, you may get results. Those results may be followed by funky problems, which you will blame on Kerio. Why not?

Examples that follow are based on sharing calendars on Outlook 2010. Sharing folders is exactly the same procedure.

Share with someone

That's easy enough: right-click on the calendar and choose Properties, Folder Sharing. Don't choose Share - that's not it.

Setting a shared calendar

Add the people you want to share with:

Users of a shared calendar

Access a shared calendar - the wrong ways

Here they are: how NOT to subscribe to a shared calendar

These are what you'd probably do if you already "know" Outlook or if you Googled "share folder Outlook". These are WRONG for Outlook with the Kerio Outlook Connector!

Not this way!

Not this way either!

The right ways

There are two ways to begin. You can right click on your name above the INBOX and choose "Data File Properties":

Data File Properties

Or, click on "Folder Properties"

Folder mapping

Either way, then chose "Folder Mapping", then "Configure". Add the name of the user who has shared with you. The manual says that has to be "user@domain", but I haven't found that to be true for the default domain - no harm in being specific, though!.

Attach the shared calendar

That's it. The shared calendar is ready.

I really do recommend reading the manual, too, of course.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Wed May 14 19:30:17 2014: 12467   conrad


Great, works ok. But downside is that all accounts that i added are visible in the left pane. Only name and a trash folder. I guess there is no way to avoid htat. I have 15 colleagues and that are all in my left pane in Outlook.

Thanks for the share.

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