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Kerio Workspace for Computer Asset Management


Kerio® Workspace is no longer sold or available as a free edition. However, everything mentioned here can be done with Kerio Samepage, which is available through me at a reduced price..

I have too often have been asked to fix some server issue only to find that no one knows passwords. I've also found mystery machines in server rooms - nobody seems to know why they are there or what their function is. Computer asset management can help avoid that sort of lost knowledge.

It struck me that Kerio Workspace could be helpful here. Understand that I'm not suggesting this as a perfect solution - a full fledged system for this task would include automated checks for software versions, free disk space, performance and so on - Kerio Workspace can't do that.

I have been told that Workspace will eventually include a content creation API. If and when that arrives, functions like that could be added.

Workspace can keep track of the obvious things, though. Serial numbers, configuration and trouble tickets are well suited to a Workspace project. I envision a hierarchy of a Space for each piece of hardware, pages for basic information and with sub-spaces for applications installed, trouble tickets and so on.

One nice feature to take advantage of would be to share password documents only with people authorized for those particular passwords and to allow updating only to service technicians. All machines and applications would have general visibility so that any user could add comments - comments that might generate service tickets or other investigation.

Of course any system like this is very dependent upon the willingness of the users to keep it accurate and up to date. If Workspace is deployed for other reasons also, its ease of use, fast searching and general flexibility might be better than having similar information tucked away in some clumsy spreadsheet or Word doucument. If nothing else, the ability of being maintained by multiple users and the ease of seeing document revisions should encourage accuracy.

This particular application may give you ideas for other small projects where Kerio Workspace could be useful. Remember, if your data is under 10GB, Kerio Workspace is free for unlimited users. If you have needs beyond 10GB, Workspace is inexpensive - contact me for a quote or to discuss your idea.

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