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Kerio Mailserver includes Webmail. This is full functioned drag and drop, includes calendaring, scheduling, shared folders and everything else that the mailserver offers. Exchange Webmail of course does the same thing, but Exchange Webmail doesn't work well in any browser other than IE. Kerio Webmail works beautifully in IE, Firefox and Safari.

You might be stuck somewhere with some really old browser or something. In that case, Kerio will usually automatically switch to using Webmail Mini, which is just a basic HTML link webmail - no drag and drop, no right click menus. You can still do everything you need to do - you just have to click on HTML links. You can also select Webmail Mini at login time if you have a very slow connection or if your browser somehow misidentified itself.

Of course the ability to work with Firefox and Safari also means that your users aren't chained to Microsoft operating systems - they can use Mac and Linux clients and have all the features available.

Kerio Webmail is ideal for companies that don't want the expense and general bugginess of Outlook but want more power than Outlook Express. You can run it on https and feel safe exposing email to home or outside use.

Kerio Webmail is designed to be fast and easy to use even from small screened devices. It includes a spellchecker, custom filters, out of office reply, custom "From" and "Reply-to" addresses - really everything you want and need!

You can read detailed features of Kerio Webmail here or I'm happy to help set up a demo where you can actually use it and see for yourself.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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