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Kerio Mailserver Certified Partner

If you are looking for Kerio® related posts, those are listed here.

We offer competitive pricing and complete, no extra charge support on all Kerio products. Please contact me for price quotes or assistance.

Kerio®, and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Kerio Technologies, Inc. and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and other countries. Used under license from Kerio Technologies, Inc.

Buy from a reseller who knows tech.

I'm not a pushy sales type. I'm a tech guy. Call or email with questions about deployment, sizing, transfer from other systems - whatever you need. Oh, and if you need pricing, sure, I can give you that too.

We recommend subscribing to our Kerio Product Mailing List. We use this to make you aware of new product updates and new Kerio related articles posted. Subscribe by sending a blank email to [email protected].


We can provide customization to meeet specific needs. See Kerio Customization.

All Kerio products have free 30 day trial versions. We also have the Kerio Control Hardware appliance available as a 30 day demo; contact us for details.

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Need to renew your Kerio subscription? I can usually handle that within hours of receiving your order.

Take advantage of our low cost Kerio Configuration Walkthrough and Review to understand the features of your Kerio product.

Certified for all Kerio products

If you are a Kerio user, you can get 100% free support from me simply by renewing your subscription.

Kerio's new support policies make the latter part a bit confusing now.

You get two free support incidents per year with Kerio plus 90 days at initial purchase. After that, they are now charging $80.00 per incident unless it is a bug.

However, if you contact me rather than them, there is no $80 charge ever. I create a support incident with Kerio if necessary and cc you on all correspondence or arrange conference calls when needed. There's no delay; the only difference is that you won't be charged.

Hosted Kerio Mail, Hosted Kerio Workspace: Don't want to run your own hardware? Kerio Connect and Workspace Hosting is available. Contact me for more information.

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