Instant Messaging Error messages with IM services not enabled


I've had customers notice error messages concerning Instant Messaging problems. These can take various forms:

HealthMonitor.cpp: Problem has
occured in the 'Instant Messaging'
component. 5 failures has been found.
Failed to read vcards at at
Instant Messaging [external]: Adding domain for synchronization failed, Failed to
merge users in domain

The amusing thing about these is that the customers had IM services disabled!

It turns out that the IM service core is still running even if you stop IM services. This is supposed to be fixed as of Kerio Connect 8.1, but if not, stop the server and look in mailserver.cfg for the 'InstantMessaging' table. In that section. change 'Enabled' to '0'.

Restart the server and those messages will stop.

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