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Monitoring a user's email


There are a number of possible ways to monitor a user's email with Kerio Connect. The choice depends largely upon the circumstances: why you need to monitor, what you need to monitor, and who is doing the monitoring.

If it's just that the owner or manager of a company needs to monitor everyone's mail, the answer is to turn on Archiving. That's simple, and if you need more than a simple chronological listing, you can add something like MailArchiva or even write your own code to slice and dice the emails.

That's not necessarily convenient if you really only need to monitor one or two people or if the person doing the monitoring is outside of your domain. In the former case you may not want to waste disk space archiving email you don't need and in the latter you may not want to give that outside person access to all your archiving.

It would be wonderful if there were a "monitor" setting for users that would work like forwarding but also copy email sent by that user. There is a suggestion for Milters or some other API hook that would let us do things like this, but it remains a suggestion after four years with no sign of implementation.

If the monitoring is fully consensual and all in-house (for example, for employee training), folder sharing might be enough: the person being monitored shares their INBOX and Sent Items and anything else they need to with the person doing the monitoring. That has to be consensual because the monitored employee could disallow the sharing at any time.

Another way to do this is to archive and have an external script that paws through the archive looking for the messages that you want to monitor. If you have no reason to keep the rest, you could delete those instead of extracting what you do want and then the archive will only contain what you are after. Obviously there will be times when more is there than you want, so that may not be ideal either.

There's a solution described at the Kerio Forums titled "Monitor Account Silently". This involves setting archiving to go to the monitor's email address and some filters to drop out everything not of interest.

Yet another way to do that is to use a different account to send archives to. Filter rules forward matching email to whoever needs to see it. Other mail can be discarded or simply left in that inbox if you do have other uses for archiving.

That solution also works well with a product like MailArchiva, which monitors an inbox and then transfers the messages to its own database. Be sure to check off both "Keep in INBOX" and "Stop processing more rules" if you use this.

Monitor filter rule

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