My license has expired. Didn't you get our payment?

Yes, I probably did and I most likely renewed your license the same day or the day after. I then would have sent you an email saying this:

We have processed your order for (license number)

This license should update automatically and the correct dates and users should appear in your administration screen. If it does not, you will need to register the license from the web administration interface or at to create the license file that will activate your Kerio product.

Did you notice the word "should" and the sentence that follows? The reason that I put that in is that sometimes your server doesn't make the proper communication with Kerio to activate the license. It should happen automatically, but it may not. This might be because you haven't upgraded your version recently or it might be because a firewall is blocking that communication. Whatever the reason, you need to either fix that or register your license as explained above. That's a simple process and of course I'm right here at the other end of your phone line if you have any problem. You can also call Kerio directly if it is two A.M my time and you really need to get this done!

downloading kerio license

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-> -> My license has expired. Didn't you get our payment?

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