Disaster Planning for Kerio Connect Mail Server


What can you do to keep email flowing in the event of disaster? If it's just a hardware crash, Kerio Connect is very easy to restore from backups, but what if you no longer have Internet? No Internet means no email, and while that might be a welcome respite for an hour or two, loss of email probably means lost business and lost opportunity. What else can you do?

Secondary MX

You can designate multiple mail servers using MX records. Each record has a weight; the lower the weight, the more preferred the server is. For example, if your current server has a weight of 10, adding another server with a weight of 20 would mean that sending servers should try to connect to the "10" server first and only use the "20" when they cannot. The idea is that if you lose connectivity, your email will go to that other server and you will transfer it where it belongs when the Internet is restored.

There are some disadvantages to this scheme. First, you have to keep that other server running and ready to receive mail constantly. That obviously involves some expense, although it may be minimal. Another minor annoyance is that the backup server may cause mail delays because any little network glitch will cause sending machines to reroute mail there, and then transferred to you at some later time.

Those are minor problems. What you might not be able to stomach is that if you have to access the secondary server for any extended period of time, your old email won't be there. You might still have access to it within your office, but what if your whole building is dark due to extended loss of power? What then?

Email Phoenix

Email Phoenix

For very reasonable fees, these folks have a solution specifically for your Kerio Connect server. First, they provide storage to backup ALL your email. They do NOT function as a secondary MX, but if you do lose your system, they can be your primary and you will have access to everything during the emergency.

When your systems can be brought back up, they stop being your primary MX and begin syncing mail back to you. If you've been down for an extended period and have large volumes of mail, this could take a little time and you'd need to prevent inbound email during that time (the problem is name clashes in INBOX messages), but if you already have the bulk of your data, this shouldn't take all that long. When done, you are back in business as though nothing happened.

Their pricing is very inexpensive. Check it out - they'll be happy to answer your questions.


If you use the link above, I do receive a referral commission. If that bothers you for some reason, just go directly to their site instead.

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