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Let's NOT have an email discussion about this!

I wonder how many times I have started an email like this:

email attachment

This is a less than ideal way to truly have a discussion. If Bill replies to me and I reply to him and then we have to get Stephanie's input and she and Bill have a little side conversation, things get messy, confused and hard to follow very quickly. There are better ways to handle this.

Google Plus

Google Plus can improve on this greatly. First, the "attachment" is now something that can be edited and replaced at any time - you might do that if this is a picture that shows the current state of an ad or web page mock-up, for example.

g-plus mockup

When you need to bring in Stephanie or anyone else, you just add her to the conversation. She can now see everything that has been said previously, uncluttered by those awful included text blocks.

Google Plus is free - it should be available to everyone any day now, but if it still is not, send me an email and I'll get an invitation sent to you.

Try this link first: Google Plus invite. That may work more quickly.

Kerio Workspace

Kerio Workspace is an even better way to meet this sort of need.

Here's what something similar might look like there:

Kerio workspace mockup

There are many advantages to this - one is that you canvassing editing permissions to other users. You can be far more creative in the actual presentation. An entry can be simple text, but it can also be a webpage with images, text blocks, background colors, tables, videos, comments, hyperlinks... whatever you need or want.

Workspace organizes those pages into Spaces (there is no similar concept in Google-Plus). You might have a space for Advertising Projects, another for Management Meetings and so on. A "Space" can have any number of Pages and you can move pages to other spaces if needed.

Kerio Workspace is not free, but it's not expensive - less than $10 per user per year after initial purchase. Currently, Workspace is limited to users within your organization, though of course nothing stops you from giving outside consultants access under a local login.

Like Google-Plus, Workspace is browser based, so you can even access it from a Smart Phone.

Ditch email

Either of these is far better than using email with an attachment. If your needs are simple (short discussions with a small number of participants), Google Plus might work for you. If your needs are more complex and involve more people, Kerio Workspace may be exactly what you need (call or write me for a quote or download a free demo version from Kerio).

Got something to add? Send me email.

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