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Deleting Kerio Connect Users


I'm sorry, Ralph, but I have to remove you from my mailserver again. I know, I've done that before and reinstated you again and again and I suppose that you have reason to feel singled out and mistreated. But you ARE just a test account, Ralph, so you have to expect a few indignities.

Seriously, sometimes you need to remove a user. They are no longer with your company or you want to change their name.

Change their name?

Yes, if you want to change a user name, you delete the old user. You don't really HAVE to do that: you could just assign an alias to the new name. If Mary Jones was "mjones" and has married and wishes to use "msmith", you could just add "msmith" as an additional email address.

However, Mary would still have to login as "mjones" - you can't login as an alias. If Mary insists that she wants to be "msmith" everywhere, "mjones" needs to be deleted. You'll be able to keep her email; see How do I change the account name of a user?.

Another way to do this is to create the new user name, delete the old and tell Kerio to copy the emails to the new name. That's an option when deleting the user and does have the advantage of neatly archiving all the old mail as a side effect:



I would suggest changing the name of that folder and perhaps nsting them under "Terminated" or some similar idea.

But I need Ralph!

What if you screw up and it was "ralphg" you meant to delete?

You can restore "ralph" with "kmsrecover"

Here's what it looks like on my Linux server:

# cd /opt/kerio/mailserver
# /etc/init.d/kerio-connect stop
 * Stopping Kerio Connect Engine 
# ./kmsrecover -d -u ralph /opt/kerio/mailserver/store /dup/kerioback/
Running kmsrecover will modify the Kerio Connect store directory.
You should use it only if your store directory has been damaged.
Current data will be DELETED and recovered from the backup,
all changes since the last backup will be lost.
Are you sure you want to continue (yes/no): yes
Recovery started at 2012-10-02 14:24:05
Recovering from /dup/kerioback/ ...
Backup file version: 1.
Recovery completed.
Recovering from /dup/kerioback/ ...
Backup file version: 1.
Recovery completed.
Recovery process finished successfully.
# /etc/init.d/kerio-connect start
 * Starting Kerio Connect Engine 

On Mac or Windows you'd use the Kerio Connect monitor to start and stop the server, but kmsrecover still must be run from the command line.

However, that does NOT restore Ralph as a user. When you deleted Ralph, that removed him as a user and deleted (or moved) his emails. The kmsrecover put all his files back, but it does not recreate him as a user. You have to do that. You can do it before or after running kmsrecover, but you need to do it.

Archiving and backup

I've had people ask me if deleting a user removes him from the archives or backups. No, it does not.

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