Important changes coming in Kerio Control


The 8.1 release of Kerio Control contains a number of important new features.

Cloud backup of configuration files

This version can automatically backup your configuration files to a Kerio Samepage Cloud server and automatically keep older versions so that you can roll back changes if necessary.

That's obviously a very important feature, but it does require action by you to prepare for this.

You need to create a free account using this link.

Please be sure to use that link. That associates your free account with my name and allows me to provide Samepage support if needed. It DOES NOT allow me to access your files - although you can grant and revoke such access at any time.

Note that you can use that account to backup any other files, too; see Using Samepage for off-site backup for details on that.

Revision history in Samepage


Simple Network Management Protocol allows you to monitor your computing equipment from a central location. Many devices offer SNMP and you can find many free and commercial tools by Googling "snmp monitor".

VPN tunnel failover

If you have more than one internet connection, you will be able to set automatic failover for VPN tunnels.

IP Tools

Do Ping, Traceroute, DNS Lookup, Whois from the administration interface. This may not seem all that important, but it will help support people like me a great deal if we are trying to help you remotely.

Login guessing protection

IP's attempting password guessing will be denied access for several minutes. Of course that activity is logged so that you can later decide if you want to completely block any such IP.

Regular expressions in URL rules

This will help with those odd cases where you need to block part of a site and the conditions are not straightforward.

Packet Dump management

You may not have even been aware that Control can dump packets; that feature has been available for some time, but you had to clean up old dumps yourself. This new feature will let you manage these from Administration.

View, delete, download rotated log files

Three cheers for this: until this version, getting at rotated log files was a purely manual process.

However, they explained it badly. In fact, what happens is that your view of a log in admin includes rotated logs if you scroll up. There's no indication that you are looking at rotated logs; you just see the data.

Unfortunately, this behavior also changes "Clear log" rather drastically - that now clears all the rotated logs too, which is very likely NOT be be what was intended, expected or desired!

Tooltips with values in MB or GB

It's easy to get confused when looking at User Statistics and Traffc Charts. These hover tooltips will convert and display KB values in other units.

As always, please do call upon me with any questions or concerns.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Sat Sep 21 08:19:39 2013: 12315   DmitryAlferev


Is there a way to download rotated files in more normal way in zip file? via ftp/http/samba?

Sat Sep 21 09:21:07 2013: 12316   TonyLawrence


Enable ssh and use scp. For Windows, you get Putty and pscp at (link) and if you must use a gui version, those aren't hard to find. Mac has ssh and scp built in as any real operating system should.

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