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Advanced Search features in Kerio Connect Webmail


I'm sure that you've noticed the Search box in the Kerio Connect Webmail Client:

Connect Client Search box

What you may not have noticed is that it's more than just a place to type what you are looking for. If instead of starting to type, you click in the search box and press the Down-Arrow on your keyboard, you will get more search choices.

Connect Client Search box down arrow

You can add to your selection by pressing Down-Arrow again:

Connect Client Search box multiple down arrows

Then, you can narrow your search more with your text:

Connect Client Search text

If you you don't see the final selector, just press Down-Arrow again:

Connect Client Search text options

Don't forget that full text search is only available if it has been enabled in Administration!

Enabling Full Text Search

If it has not been enabled (perhaps due to lack of disk space on the server), your searches do not look inside the text of messages and will only search in the header fields (addresses, subject).

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