Deleted Items bug in Kerio Connect 8 Web Client


Interesting bug in Kerio Connect 8 Web Client

Note that you are unlikely to experience this problem unless you have previously deleted users and moved their messages to your mailbox. I have reported this bug to Kerio, so it may even be fixed by the time you read this.

It may have even been something unique to some other issue in my message store, so even if you did have previously deleted users folders, you still might not see this behavior.

This is an interesting bug I ran into when I started using Kerio Connect 8 webmail. I was enjoying the new features when I accidentally deleted something I wasn't quite ready to throw away yet. To my surprise, when I looked in the Trash, it was not there!

By the way, "Trash" and "Deleted Items" are the same folder. If you are using the old webmail interface, it's "Deleted Items" and in Connect 8 webmail it appears as Trash. It's the same physical place in both cases.

Oh, that can't be right. This release had gone through months of testing - surely something that obvious could not have gone unnoticed? The message had been deleted, but where did it go?

I was able to find out rather easily by paying attention to the "Unread" message count indicator. If you delete an unread message (or mark it unread and then delete it), the "Unread" count in Trash will change. My Trash wasn't changing, but another folder was:

Here's where my trash was going

That folder was the result of deleting someone and moving their messages to my folder. Apparently the new Kerio Connect Webmail thought that was a better place to store my deleted emails.

I temporarily switched back to the old webmail and found that it still put deleted items where I expected them to be put, so this confusion was definitely only in the new webmail.

I didn't really need those old messages, so I emptied it and removed it. Now what would happen if I deleted a message? I wasn't particularly surprised to see that the deleted message wasn't moved anywhere.

Why wasn't I surprised? Because that's normal IMAP behavior. When a message in a typical IMAP system is "deleted", it just gets marked for deletion and you have to do something else to "expunge" it. Kerio normally does more than that, but if it doesn't know where your Trash is, it falls back to normal IMAP behavior.

Well, not quite normal. The deleted messages were not visible in the Connect 8 webmail, but if I switched back to the old webmail, they all showed up. If I had looked at them with some other webmail client they might have shown up with lines drawn through them or some other indication that they had been deleted, but they didn't here. So, using the old webmail, I deleted them again and found that they were now copied to my expected Trash folder.

Happily, upon switching back to the Connect 8 webmail, new deletions now find their way to Trash.

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