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Kerio Connect 8.4


See the release notes at http://www.kerio.com/support/kerio-connect in the Download section.

Most of this upgrade has to do the the Connect Client, bringing in features from the old webmail that have been sorely missed. Their list says:

Kerio Connect Client now allows users to:

  • Receive new email instantly with push refresh
  • Manage spam whitelists
  • Add comments when replying to meeting invitations
  • Easily add a hyperlink to text when composing a message
  • Lookup and select contacts in your address book when composing a message
  • Request a delivery receipt when sending email
  • Manage shared folders with a redesigned sharing dialog
  • Manage reminders from a redesigned toolbar
  • View their company logo on the login page (applied by admin at the server level)

There are some new Knowledgebase articles:

The really interesting one is the multi-server. This apparently isn't ready to rock and roll quie yet ("Kerio Connect Multi-Server is a technology preview recommended for testing, evaluation and feedback.") but it's good to see it. It's going to be a licensed product and I have no idea about cost, but it will let you migrate users between servers for load balancing. This could make very large deployments possible. It will be interesting to watch this develop.

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