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The other day I had a conversation with a customer about Kerio Control Firewall. I was pushing hard for the sale, hammering him relentlessly with all the creative objection killers I could muster, pushing his emotional buttons, creating value in his mind and never taking no for an answer..

Well, no, I wasn't. That's not me. I'm a tech guy. You want to know features and benefits? Great, we'll talk and I'll give you honest answers. You want pricing? Sure, and I will give you the best deal I can put together for what you need. Other than that, I just don't have any pushiness in me, so unless you told me to call you later to remind you, that's the end of it from my end. I don't "sell", I help.

So, what we were really talking about was features. I did answer some questions, but I pointed out that the best way to see and test what Kerio Control can do for you is to run it as a trial. Kerio makes free downloads available of both its Windows version and its Linux VMWare (or Parallels) version. These are full featured versions, nothing left out, and are simply time limited. Even the time limit isn't set in stone: if you find you need more than 30 days to evaluate, I can get the demo period extended.

As this customer actually wanted the appliance version, he asked about hardware replacement policies, extended warranties and wondered if he should buy two - "just in case". I explained that extended warranties certainly are available, but also pointed out that in the unlikely event of an appliance failure, he could download and install the virtual appliance version, swap a few cables, and be back up and running in minutes. That's a big advantage of having software versions in addition to the hardware appliance.

He could even keep an old "beater" box on hand ready to be pressed into emergency service if needed. You might suffer some slower performance if the hardware is weak, but you'll be operational. The hardware requirements are minor and are easily satisfied by a machine that might have been removed from a user's desk for being underpowered!

I don't know of any other firewall vendor that offers a hardware appliance AND both Windows and virtualized Linux versions. This allows both easy evaluation and greater piece of mind for disaster recovery. If you'd like to talk about this more, give me a call: (774) 213-1199 or email "" or just download a trial.

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