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Kerio Configuration Walkthrough - Please let me help you!

While I do have a basic articles on Kerio products, and Kerio has detailed manuals available on-line, I much prefer to walk new customers through the initial configuration.

I do that initial consultation at no additional cost, but I have selfish reasons for doing this: I want to be sure that everything is understood and that my customer has the best possible experience. I don't want unhappy customers because of misunderstanding or entirely missing a feature or setting.

Of course after that, new features are often added with upgrades. Unfortunately, many of my customers are technical people and, like most of us in the tech field, they skim through the Kerio manuals and don't feel they need to be walked through anything. I understand: I'm often the same way myself.

You may also find my Kerio Configuration Guide useful..

Kerio is easy to configure. Even people with very little technical knowledge can probably get any Kerio product working with relative ease. But that doesn't mean that there aren't small things that they may miss or small suggestions that could provide a better installation.

Maybe you didn't miss anything. That is certainly possible. However, usually even the most experienced techs have not noticed something.

In the configuration walkthrough, we'll visit each configurable item. I'll point out any special considerations that may apply and in some cases can suggest ways to use a feature that may not be immediately obvious. If you have specific questions, of course I'm happy to answer them.

This walkthrough is usually done using software like Logmein, Team Viewer, Google Hangouts or similar. Feel free to have other members of your team join in. Time required is typically about an hour depending upon your questiobs and concerns.

Why don't we schedule a time to do that soon? The charge is just $125.00 (free for new customers). Customers who have used this service tell me that it was very useful and that they did learn things.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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