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A Clinton-Style Mail Server


A recent Atlantic article mentioned Hillary Clinton's debacle with using her own mail server. I wasn't intetested in the political drama, but I was interested in how difficult they made it sound.

Quotes from How to Set Up a Clinton-Style Home Email Server

Setting up a server is no simple task. “It’s a pretty big job to maintain a server like that and make sure it’s properly configured,” says Peter Firstbrook, an Internet security researcher at Gartner. Firstbrook says such an endeavor is “highly unusual.”

Actually, that's not true at all. Servers like the Kerio Connect I sell have reasonable security defaults and there's no great difficulty in the basic configuration. It actually is a simple task.

The article also warned of the cost:

This server system could have cost thousands of dollars to set up, Robert Siciliano, an Internet security expert, said. If the Clintons used high-end equipment, purchased licenses for operating systems and email programs, and bought powerful antivirus and anti-spam software, the costs would have been considerable. “The more security, more money it would’ve cost,” Siciliano said.

That's highly exaggerated. For a small number of users, you definitely do not need high end equipment. In fact, even dozens of users can be handled by low cost hardware. The entire system could have cost less than $1,000.00.

I have had a few "personal use" Kerio customers over the years. Their biggest difficulty is usually only that of obtaining Internet access that will allow them to run a server in-house. Equipment and software is not a great financial burden and setup and maintenance are easy.

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