Kerio Control configuration changes reverted

A customer was trying to add a simple traffic rule to his Kerio Control Firewall. It was intended to allow ssh access to an internal machine. That's easy, right? However, it refused to record, offering a strange reason:

Why couldn't he add this rule?

I looked at the rest of his traffic rules, expecting to see some conflict, but there was none. Puzzled, I enlisted Kerio Support's help. At first they were as baffled as I was, but as we were talking about it, the enginerer asked "He wouldn't have ssh enabled to the firewall itself, would he?"

Duh! Yes, he did. I hadn't thought of that. The wording of the error had thrown me off, because I assumed it meant my Administration connection would be broken. Actually, nothing would be broken at all, but it would interfere with the hidden ability to ssh to the box itself, they said.

The customer could fix this easily enough. He could disable the direct ssh access (press Shift when entering System Health to see ssh options). Or, he could use a different port for ssh in this new rule. Either way would eliminate the conflict.

However, as logical as that sounds, that wasn't it. Apparently there is a bug on the small hardware boxes that causes this. Kerio suggested this to fix it, but I don't know yet if it does.

Disable some rules for a while and create one duplicate rule to show dialog about overlapping after apply. Then mark "do not check again" which will disable this check in the future.

1. Disable half a dozen Traffic Rules
2. Right-click on a rule and select the option to duplicate the rule
3. Apply that change

Kerio Control should pop-up a warning that this rule duplicates another rule and this pop-up should have a check box to not show this warning again.
You would check that box. 

After that you would re-enable the disabled rules and then try creating a test rule to check that the problem is fixed.

This seems to affect only the smaller boxes (1000 series) with many traffic rules.

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