Consider using Kerio Connect Contact Groups instead of Mail Groups


Contact Groups (Distribution Lists) function much like the Mail Groups you'd create in Kerio Administration. Unlike those, however, anyone can create Contact Groups and share them with other people. If you have rights to write in Public Folders, these groups can even be put there where they are immediately visible and available to everyone in your domain.

Unlike Mail Groups, these are NOT available to the outside world, but for internal use, they have a number of important advantages:


One contact group can contain others. This obviously has administrative advantages (and yes, I dearly wish we could nest Mail Groups).


Unlike Mail Groups, a user with access to a shared or Public Contact Group can examine the group to see who it includes. This is not available with Mail Groups - although see "Exposing Hidden Data to Users" and "Exposing hidden data to users (API method)".


You can assign Editor rights to whoever you like, making non-administrators responsible for keeping the group up to date. You can't do that with Mail Groups without giving them general administrative rights.

An Example

Let's look at how you might do that. I'm going to use Webmail to show you how to create a Public Contact Group and give Editor rights to another user.

First, logged in as an administrator or someone with rights to Public Folders, right click on the Public Folders directory and choose "New Folder".

Creating a new Public Contact Folder

Give it a name (I used "Internal Lists") and chose a type of "Contacts"

Creating a new Public Contact Folder

Right Click on "Internal List" and assign sharing/editing rights

Assign sharing/editing rights

Now select the folder and right click in its white space to choose "New Distribution List" and create your list.

Add distribution list

Add distribution list

Repeat as desired:

Add more distribution list

That's perhaps a bit more complicated than creating a Mail Group, but certainly not very much so. Once done, you have all the advantages previously noted, including the ability to delegate administration.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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