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Better Spam Control


Spamassassin is the major part of Kerio's spam control. Blacklists are the other leg of it, but the combination of free blacklists and Spamassasin isn't enough to fight today's generation of spam. It's a losing battle and honestly I have been recommending giving up and moving to a dedicated Spam Appliance like the one Barracuda makes.

By the way, I do not sell Barracuda. Go direct to them or search for a Barracuda reseller. I'm only recommending it because customers have expressed their statisfaction.

Barracuda is confident enough that they will send you a free demo unit. Assuming your mailserver is now behind your firewall as most are, you just plop that onto your network, point it at your Kerio mailserver and then change the DNAT on the firewall to point mail to it. It would be slightly more annoying to switch things around if your Kerio actually exposed a public IP, but not too many do that today. They also have a cloud solution that is even less expensive.

Of course there are competing products and of course this does mean extra expense. It's still a lot cheaper than paying for cloud email, and of course a lot more responsive in-house.

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