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SCO unixware 2.1.3

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Author: anonymous
Date: Thu Nov 10 07:40:38 2005
Subject: SCO unixware 2.1.3

Hello, when iam doing ftp from win 98 m/c to SCO unixware 2.1.3 server, server network card stop responding it doesn't ping.finally i have to restart the server,then network card start working. If iam doing self ftp form same unixware 2.1.3 server,server network card stop responding it doesn't ping.

Kindly give the solution

Any solution is heartly appreciated

Thanks and regds

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Thu Nov 10 11:33:25 2005: 1323   TonyLawrence

That's *ancient* software. Is the hardware just as old?

Is ftp the only thing affected or does telnet stop too?


We never got an answer to that. If all networking stops, one possibility would be that the Unixware server's IP is in use somewhere else on the network. If that doesn't happen to be in cache, it connects. If it then sees the other IP, it would disconnect.

He also didn't tell us if this is on the local lan or if any firewall is involved. Unixware might not know how to do passive ftp, so that could be stopping this too (if it is only ftp).

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