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Switching to the Mac

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  • Switching to the Mac
  • David Pogue
  • O'Reilly
  • 9780596514129

This book is very similar to The Missing Manual: Mac OSX Leopard Edition - much of the directly Mac related content is exactly the same in both books. However, it's not just a cover change and a few paragraphs artufully inserted: there is Windows switching information available here that is NOT in the other book.

I think David and O'Reilly would have been smarter to set out to make this two really separate books from the start. Certainly both these books are too big: if you stripped all the Windows stuff out of the first and stripped all the basic "this is how a Mac works" stuff out of this, you'd have two volumes of more reasonable size. However, that's not what they did, so there is a lot of duplication. If you are just a Mac user, you need the other book, not this. If you are a recent switcher, this is the book you want.. though you may want the other also as this does not have everything that has..

This is the book I will give my wife once her XP PC finally dies - I have high hopes for that: it's been shutting off unexpectedly and making grinding noises now and then. The minute it does, I'm buying her a Mac and handing her this book.. that will be a happy day indeed.

She'll enjoy the book, too. David writes well, keeps it interesting and amusing, and knows how to explain semi-technical subjects well.

Tony Lawrence 2008-03-21 Rating: 4.0

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Fri Mar 21 12:08:53 2008: 3867   Donal

"once her XP PC finally dies - ........ The minute it does, I'm buying her a Mac and handing her this book.. that will be a happy day indeed."

Thats what I said on the 28th Feb when I ordered a new MacBook Pro. It now has an "expected "delivery date of 27th March.
It's great that Apple really suck at something. At order time I was told delivery in 7-10 days. 4 times they have pushed delivery date back. Your wife could be one very unhappy camper!!

Sat Mar 22 00:15:27 2008: 3868   TonyLawrence

Sounds to me like production problems or more orders than they expected - maybe both.

Do you have an Apple store nearby? You might be able to find one in stock.

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