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Samba, John D. Blair

I just checked Amazon: this is already out of stock. While that may be that the publisher screwed up and didn't print enough on the first run, I suspect it is more to do with the increasing popularity of Samba, particularly (of course) on Linux.

There's really nothing in this book you can't find in the Samba docs, and it definitely is not a tutorial. It does, however, concisely explain concepts and usage that might take some time and effort to extract from other sources. The author is part of the Samba team, so the credentials are good.

I hope there will be another printing.

Bruce Garlock [email protected] notes:

I had to purchase the SAMBA book by John Blair from fatbrain.com I tried ordering it about 3 months ago from Amazon, and they are apparently still out of stock. I agree with your review, about basically everything already available, but it is nice to have a book to flip through.

There is another book about SAMBA, which I thought was done a little better, titled "Sams Teach yourself SAMBA in 24 hours" I guess 3 other titles are on the way, one from is from O'Reilly.

Tony Lawrence 1999/05/04

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