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Linux Problem Solver- Brian Ward

September 2000

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"Never judge a book by its cover". Yeah, yeah, I know- yet that's exactly what I did. The cover of this book reminded me of bad paperbacks from the 50's- nothing attractive about it. The table of contents didn't excite me, either, and I was starting to think that this was not going to be enjoyable or useful.

I was wrong. In fact, this is an excellent book, and is especially so for someone already familiar with some other variant of Unix.

The publisher, No Starch Press, has a logo that includes "More Stuff, Less Fluff", and I'd say Brian Ward met that goal admirably. In a way, this is like expanded man pages, with the addition of lots of little "Problem" sections that cover why some things break or otherwise act strangely.

There's a CDROM which supports the book and also is an emergency boot disk with appropriate tools.

Order (or just read more about) Linux Problem Solver from Amazon.com

Tony Lawrence 2000/09/01 Rating: 4.5

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