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file replication over WAN

Author: anonymous
Date: Mon Aug 29 17:55:42 2005 I am curious if anybody had any lack with real-time asynchronous file replication for SCO OpenServer over WAN? There are a lot of Windows programs that do that very nicely (Double Take, for example), but nothing that I could find for SCO. One way would be to set up Samba and use a Windows machine as an intermediary, but there must be a more economical solution.

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Mon Aug 29 19:43:19 2005: 1039   anonymous

or any luck ...

Mon Aug 29 20:34:31 2005: 1040   TonyLawrence

Sorry, I've never done this. Just wanted to let you know you aren't being ignored..

Mon Aug 29 22:57:43 2005: 1041   anonymous

real time asynchronous? sounds like an oxymoron.

did you look at rsync?

on linux there is DRBD...

Tue Aug 30 19:38:46 2005: 1045   anonymous

rsync sounds very intriguing - will definitely try it. Thank you.

You are correct - "real-time async" is an oxymoron, so a better term would be "close-to-real-time async". My goal is to have a mirrored SCO box at a remote location. With so many Internet backup options available on Windows, more and more of my SCO clients are asking for the same.

Tue Aug 30 20:09:46 2005: 1046   TonyLawrence

Oh, sheesh, I misunderstood. I thought you wanted Windows replication..

Yes, rsync and also see (link) and
Unison : (link)

You may also want to look at Dirvish: (link)

Tue Aug 30 20:10:57 2005: 1047   TonyLawrence

And btw, a search here for "rsync" will turn up many useful links.

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