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02/23/2003 10:14 AM Blogger

I've given up on Blogger (yes I did upgrade to Blogger Pro). It's just too buggy and inflexible for my needs. So, I've started writing my own code. I'll expand on this later and add all the automatic stuff I need, but for now it's just a sequentially numbered bunch of .dat files and a very simple program to create them.

chdir "/usr/home/pcunix/www/data/blog";
 #print "Content-TYPE: text/html\n\n<head>";
 run("header.pl /Blog/index.html");
 print "</head> <body bgcolor=\"#ffffff\">";
 print "<h2>APLAWRENCE.COM BLOG</h2>";
while(<?.dat>) { $x++; };
while ($x) {
open(X,"<$file") or $x=0;
next if not $x;
print "<h4>$date</h4>\n";
print "<p><blockquote>@lines</blockquote>";
print "<hr>\n";
print "</body></html>\n";

$year += 1900;
$AM="PM" if $hour > 12;
$hour -= 12 if $AM eq "PM";

$update="$month[$mon] $mday, $year $hms $AM";
open(OUT,">/usr/home/pcunix/apl/Blog/blogger_rss.xml") or die $!;
print OUT <<EOF;
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="0.91">
                <title>APLawrence's Unix/Linux and Mac OS X BLOG</title>
                <description>Unix, Linux and Mac OS X information</description>
sub run {
print @lines;

I need to do a lot more, but this gets me started and away from Blogger's difficulties and limitations.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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