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Poor Microsoft

Mon Oct 13 13:13:43 GMT 2003 Poor Microsoft

Longhorn now delayed till 2006
Microsoft Dissatisfaction high
Samba Beats Windows IT Week Labs Test Results

Longhorn delayed to 2006, but Appple's Panther will be shipping at the end of this month. Of course Apple doesn't have all the crap to clean up that Microsoft does, nor do they risk looking idiotic if they need to release a major patch a month later.

What's this nonsense in that "Swing at Linux" piece? (link dead, sorry)

Addressing several thousand attendees at the Worldwide Partner Conference, he took a swipe at Linux, open source and StarOffice, saying, "they simply accept the view that what they have is good enough. That view does not foster innovation. Being where we were with Office 1997 is not good enough for us," he said.

Huh? Like there have been no improvements in any open source projects since.. last week? last month? What are these idiots saying? They are definitely running scared.

I liked the Switcher take-off. It's true; a lot of the difficulty in switching to anything is just because its Different, not because it is better or worse.

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