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Device::SerialPort on Redhat 8

The end of life for Redhat 6.2 security updates happened at the end of March. Because of this, I have been upgrading our remote buildings with Redhat 8. Since each building has a T1 router, I wrote a small program to log the routers messages to a text file. While performing these upgrades, I ran into some small trouble with my code, which relies on the perl module: "Device::SerialPort". While attempting to install this, I ran into this error:

[root@domain Device-SerialPort-0.13]# perl Makefile.PL
Finding ioctl methods ...
trying 'termios.ph'... nope
trying 'asm/termios.ph'... nope
trying 'sys/termiox.ph'... nope
trying 'sys/termios.ph'... nope
trying 'sys/ttycom.ph'... nope
trying 'sys/modem.ph'... nope
Device::Serial could not find ioctl definitions!
Perl did not find any .ph files to get at least the following ioctls:
Please check your Perl installation, or read 'man h2ph'.  As root, you may
need to run:
        cd /usr/include; h2ph -r -l .
before the Perl *.ph files will work.

So, I did what it told me to do: 'cd /usr/include; h2ph -r -l .' However, after trying to build Device::SerialPort again, it gave the same error. Time to google.

I came across a post: (Long url moved to end of page ) Which started me in the right direction. Although this post didn't fix *my* problem, at least I was headed in the right direction. After a trial and error with the post, this method finally worked for me:

cd /usr/include/
h2ph asm/*.h
h2ph -r -l termios.h
h2ph -r -l asm/termios.h
h2ph -r -l sys/termios.h
h2ph -r -l sys/ttychars.h
h2ph asm/termbits.h
h2ph asm/ioctls.h
h2ph asm/termios.h

I had setup a machine last weekend using this, and I am currently configuring another machine for this weekend. Good thing for .bash_history, because I had no idea on which combination of using 'h2ph' worked for me.

Long Url from text: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=Device::SerialPort-0.13&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&selm=ca0a1e8d.0211051327.3c5e28ad%40posting.google.com&rnum=2

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